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GODFaith. In my life,it’s everything. In my getting up out of bed, surviving through my days, and back to bed. Where,in faith, I sleep through 6-8 hours every nite-without a sleep aide! And dream the most wonderful and refreshing dreams that only be realized in deep sleep-a deep,refreshing sleep that a life securely rooted in faith can own. Like a spouse, faith is everything to me. Without it, neither myself or my sons or our very lives would be here.


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Good morning!

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads my blogs.

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                  Jupiter, Moon Align in Christmas Skywatching Treat | View photo – Yahoo! News http://news.yahoo.com/photos/jupiter-moon-align-christmas-skywatching-treat-photo-120844386.html … via @YahooNews

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How Long Is Too Long When It Comes To Hair? – Daily Makeover


this is an interesting article- in it, the writer states that a man in his 20’s started hitting on her because he had been deceived by her long hair. She turned around and he left. Now, if she had of looked younger,too, in addition to her hair, and he wouldn’t have walked away-what’s wrong with the compliment of him hitting on her? I’ve no problem with that and she shouldn’t have either. This thing about women needing to be happy showing their age is b.s.

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We Made It:)

found this on Yahoo News

Dawn breaks on Maya “end of days,” world lives on
By Alexandra Alper

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                  The fight over gun control: By the numbers http://shar.es/htbZH via @TheWeek

I was a Los Angeles,Ca. bonafide hippie for years- day and night- never left that ideology and never will. I incorporated it in my daily living and my religious views-combined being very Christian(Catholic) and Hare Krishna which eventually translated to a complete belief in Hinduism-And I still maintain my Catholicism.And before anyone asks, I was always the sober one- drugs never figured in my being a hippie. But the theory of the movement did. At any rate, I have lived with my beliefs on gun control very quietly, feeling as though I was  very much in a  minority with them.  Which is ok- I always figured that the world would eventually agree with me and my peacenik demeanor and views on life . Even my sons-who both grew up getting in trouble- the rap/hiphop movement was so much more interesting to them.Now, though, with their own children, they have to concur that the values that I so treasured and tried to instill in them have merit. They were never even allowed to play with guns as children.
So why? I would ask. Why does the rest of the world seem to think that just anyone owning guns is ok?

Maybe now someone more important than me will start asking the same question and we can see some changes being made.

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Oooops, I Hit A Car!


Cecilia P.Thornton‏@ThorntonCecilia

Via @nprnews: How About A Little Drive, Hmm? (A Horror Story) http://n.pr/RVVsKa-so I don’t know how to drive? This is too funny.

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