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TOASTHello. you know, I got up this morning, proceeded through my daily morning routines and have just finished my last piece of cinnamon toast. Why would I mention this? Well, it’s close to the end of the month, food is increasingly in a shortage mode around here, and these pieces of cinnamon toast were my breakfast. With a bowl of Malt O Meal that I’ll get around to later. Since I’m a great restaurant person and inclined to eat out, more often than not, if I’m at home eating, folks know that I’m broke. No, this isn’t a plea for help-that will be in my bank on Friday-it comes monthly, thank goodness. Retirement has its perks. But I was thinking, cinnamon toast. How many restaurants actually have on the menu cinnamon toast? I don’t even think I’ve seen it on IHOP’s menu. Carrows, Denny’s, Bob’s, Norm’s? No? Why not? think of all the homeless that wake up hungry every morning,who might have the .50 for 2 pieces of cinnamon toast and a small glass of juice with a free coffee or water thrown in. Why haven’t these major chains that I just mentioned-known for their breakfasts- thought of this? Even if they don’t want the homeless in their restaurant-hand this mini breakfast to them outside the back door. Why not?


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Mark McCormick writes in Catholic World Report about “Guy Nation”.
The Glory Days of “Guy Nation” | Catholic World Report – Global Church news and views

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iceWhen everyone gets a chance, check this story out! the sheets of ice that formed on this building is from the water hoses that the firemen used to put out a fire that re-ignited itself the next day! Now the building is about to collapse from these huge sheets of ice that area covering it. absolutely astonishing!

Cecilia P.Thornton‏@ThorntonCecilia

Ice From Fire Hoses Threatens to Collapse Building http://abcn.ws/W2Uw5P (via @ABC

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This is really bothering me- it’s the last thing Mrs. Clinton needs after all that sh’e done for this country. I think that it’s very unfortunate.

Benghazi hearing, Clinton chokes up, angrily rejects GOP jabs
By Olivier Knox, Yahoo! News

White House Correspondent

PostsBy Olivier Knox, Yahoo! News | The Ticket

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crucifixLast night, before drifting off to sleep, I read the words uken von heil.You know how, when you’re reading, you hearing your own voice read,right? Well, when I got to these words, it sounded different-somehow. I could almost hear them aloud. Really, I swear. They jumped out off the page at me, At first, i thought, ahhh, I’ve had too much TopralXL. But, when I woke up this morning, I almost immediately,after coffee and bread and butter and a few errands, got on my computer to find a translation-after numerous tries, having found “von heil” easily enough-(it’s German,also.) I played around with the word lukin, which I thought it was or luken, and not finding either of those, what popped up on my translator bar was the word in Norweigen,” uken” .Now since I know that many of my ancestors on my mom’s side are Norwegian (per Ancestry.com)the phrase makes sense-week(uken) of healing or if the h in heil is capitalized, it’s salvation-so then it would read-week of salvation. How interesting today’s quest has been.
Photo courtesy of Yahoo Images.

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I was just about to give up writing anything at all today and just spend the rest of it staring at George Raft’s movie’s, due to an incomplete night of sleep-having been tortured with thought processes that really could have stayed hidden for all that I cared ,wakefulness that happened 3, no,THREE, times that ended only because the final one was at ,yes 3! a.m. In the morning , of all yucky and disgusting things.And I’ve been up ever since.
and then i went to my twitter and this was on it. Very interesting, I might add.

You never hear any mention of this, but two very bright #comets will pass by the Earth in 2013.
One in March, the other in November.

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something to think about. hopefully i’ll be awake to catch a glimpse of them.

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A KFC mistake:)

Robbers mistakenly break into KFC, expecting a jewelry store
By Mike Krumboltz | The Sideshow – Fri, Jan 4, 2013

Somebody took a wrong turn at the deep fryer. A pair of crooks in Australia found themselves in an unusual spot when they attempted to tunnel into a jewelry store but ended up in a KFC restaurant on New Year’s Eve.

The mishap took place near Brisbane, Australia. Fortunately nobody was hurt. When they saw where they were, the two alleged thieves, Peter Welsh and Dwayne Doolan, decided to hold up the customers. They left with about $2,700. But they didn’t escape for long. Welsh and Doolan were arrested a short time later.

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