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I’ve been away,doing chores and running errands, basically and also editing my book and also wrote a couple of film shorts that I’m going to turn into scripts and just realized that I’ve not stopped by to say hi. Hi.


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too Legit to quit: http://t.co/NDoW58gg via @youtube-watch this tonite while the asteriod is passing us. Jesus would have saved us.

I’ve thought about this asteroid this whole day. I’m here to tell you that the conclusion that I’ve arrived at is the following. There are too many mountain tops on this planet that exceed 18,000 feet. And this asteroid is traveling at , they said, 17,500 feet above us. It would take an act of God to keep that asteroid from hitting one of these mountains and bringing the mountain to the sea-or vise versa. So either we’re goners- or God is going guide this thing like a pinball through the mountain ranges.

Right now- 1:03 PST. I thought we’d be seeing it at 6p.m.PST. That’s 9 tonite EST.??? ABC News says-” We’re all safe here at ABC Headquarters in NYC. Safe from the asteroid, that is. There’s still that nasty flu going around.”

Live blog: All of today’s asteroid/meteor related stories http://abcn.ws/XDpsXy

Image: NASA computer model

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alligator-blood_170Look what I found- a possible cure for HIV that may exist in alligators.

Alligator Blood May Lead to Powerful New Antibiotics

Amitabh Avasthi
for National Geographic News

April 7, 2008

Alligators often engage in violent fights over territories and mates, and scientists have puzzled over why their wounds rarely get infected

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Oh and a favorite gripe of mine-screensavers and tattoos. Almost the same thing, when you figure how people are decorating their skin with as much art as you’d find rotating around on a screensaver. No, my leg is not an artists canvas to be the object of someone’s tattoo-aka screensaver so please don’t ask. Thanks. Do I sound a little out of sorts,today? It started off ok but now I’m back to a list of errands and just not feeling up to par. And I need to get back to my book and some actual writing.

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Anyone ever blog on the glories of pain in the left side? Like, do I need to see a doctor, take Aspirin, Advil, Midol or just suffer in a long, over- extended silence while I wait for it to subside on it’s own, not wanting to become a victim of pain meds and in addition, proving myself to be a strong and overcoming woman who can handle a little side ache. Oh well.

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