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Easter treats


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bread, water, peanut butter, apples and oranges

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Academic Decathalons.

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To the American Embassy and let them know I’m stuck and then to the nearest beach to hang out and find food and rest.

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Dan and Rach Together!

Here are the Top 10 Sausage Bond Movies

1. Dr Sausage

2. Gold Sausage

3. From Russia With Sausage

4. On Her Majesty’s Secret Sausage

5. Live And Let Sausage

6. The Sausage Who Loved Me

7. A View To A Sausage

8. The Sausage Is Not Enough

9. Sausage Royale

10. The Quantum Of Sausage

No place for Skysausage, but here is the picture of Adele singing with a Sausage in Hand and on Head (we wring things dry here at GFB!)  – altogether now – “Isha Sshkyfoallll, when you tumballllllll, hic”.


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