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this morning I read an article on California prisons’ decision to have inmates cut back on their showers,due to the drought. I posted it on my twitter.A point to mention—

So after 2 decades of mandatory minimum sentences, the 3 strikes law and mass incarceration, the California prison industry, an industry that has become one of the,if not the largest, employer in the state of California now finds itself down to the wire-how to keep the inmates clean and hydrated( don’t forget the outbreak of diseases in the prisons is still something that has to be contained and soap and water is the way to do it)as well as making sure that the farmers have enough water for their crops. (Crops that we all need because we all have to eat.) But then none of us would benefit from a massive disease hitting the prisons, either. And the correctional officers have to come and go from work. That makes them the carriers of that disease.

So what to do? All this and we are just in the 5th year of a historic drought.


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